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"I share this [SAG award] with my sweet friend Amy Poehler, who I’ve known for so long. I’ve stolen so many of your moves. Amy, I’ve known you since you were pregnant with Lena Dunham. And I love you."


15 days of fanmixes: your favorite show
parks and recreation

a feel good mix about the people in america’s greatest city featuring music from the show and music that feels like it should be on the show.

1. parks and recreation theme song | 2. the pit // mouse rat | 3. love today // mika | 4. starships // nicki minaj | 5. treat yourself // meez montana | 6. who dat girl (feat. akon) // flo rida | 7. follow me // the baseballs | 8. all it takes is a little love // wakey!wakey! | 9. november  // andy dwyer | 10. marry you // bruno mars | 11. time after time // cyndi lauper| 12. 5,000 candles in the wind // mouse rat| 13. oh, what a life // american authors

parks and rec


Buy The Stars - Marina and the Diamonds 

Oh we don’t own our heavens now
We only own our hell
And if you don’t know that by now
Then you don’t know me that well

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waffles-calzones first of all thanks
well 1) i just feel like I spend too much time on this website and 2) I need to work on important stuff and get my life together and 3) it’s very complicated but I have a lot of emotional issues and I feel like less social media might help with them??
merylsdavis yeah i hope it will help me too!! and I’ll still talk on kik and stuff

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pretty close to deleting/ hiatus


fruit salad 

*deep voice* yummy yummy

Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron SDCC Official Comic-Con Panel 2014 

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slow clap for cobie smulders who seems endlessly excited to interact with fans always because she’s a darling and far better than you or i





🌙take me to your wonderland🌙

where are they going??

To their fucking Wonderland

im sorry

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my mom went to high school with jamie lee curtis and one time they both got caught smoking pot together and jamie told the teacher it was my mom’s and my mom was suspended and jamie lee got no punishment so think about that next time you want some activia

the laxative yogurt lady fucked over my mom

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get to know me meme : tv shows [4/5] —> parks and recreation